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Benefits of Polarized Sunglasses: Reduced Sun Glare, Clearer Vision, and More

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If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, getting up with the sunrise and enjoying the best of what nature has to offer must be your favorite way to kick-start a beautiful day. Whether you gear up the long strides of cycling on the outskirts of your city or go out for fishing, the thrill of outdoor adventures is impeccably beautiful and fun…


…until a bright shaft of sunlight hits you directly in the eyes. I mean, yes, it lifts your spirits and strengthens your immunity, but what’s the point of this immunity if it comes at the cost of impairing you visually? 


When you put yourself out there in the bright and glaring sun, you get exposed to ocular damage. Harmful UV rays can from the sun potentially pose a threat to numerous eye ailments, including cataracts.  


That’s where sports sunglasses come to your rescue. You must have already heard of them. They have become quite popular in recent few years. What do they do? Simply put, they equip you with a sharp vision to practice your sport safely, and at the same time, protect your eyeballs from harmful UV rays.


Polarised sunglasses, however, take it a step further. They filter out the horizontal part of light waves that are disturbing to your vision. 


Let’s see this in detail, what are polarised sports sunglasses and how do they work?


What are polarized sports sunglasses?


Polarized sports sunglasses are specialized eye-wear that reduces glare from the horizontal surfaces of water, snow, and glass and improves your visual comfort.


With the reduced glare, it becomes easier to distinguish between objects. 


As a result, these glasses are beneficial for driving and outdoor sports, which show red-flags of potential hazards. 


How do polarized sunglasses work? 


Usually, light scatters in all directions and gets reflected from every surface that it strikes. This reflection is harmless in almost every case except when reflection occurs from flat or horizontal surfaces such as land, water, or hood of the car.


In this case, the reflected light can become an agitating source of glare. It doesn’t only create visual discomfort but can also cause a potentially blinding glare.


Polarised lenses block off this light. They come filled with a special chemical that precisely filters out the harmful component of sunlight. 


As a result, the images you see look slightly darker than usual, but objects look crisper and more precise, and details are easier to see.


Okay, but how do polarized sunglasses benefit you?


Now that we have seen the working of sports sunglasses, you must be wondering if all this talk has any advantage to offer because that’s what matters. And the answer is yes! It has.


With polarized sunglasses, you get advanced glare protection and clearer vision. The cutting edge construction of these glasses safeguards your delicate eyes from direct sun.


On this note, let’s see how polarized sports sunglasses can improve your outdoor activities’ quality and safety and make them more comfortable and more fun.


Clearer Vision


A clear vision is the ultimate need of high-glare situations involving roads, cars, or water. Since polarised sunglasses are specifically designed to offer more explicit pictures and improved eye-comfort, they come in very handy in such scenarios. 


Reduced Glare


Solar protection for the eyes is of utmost concern during outside sports. Because some activities require such a high solar exposure that if you go out without shades on, you can even develop temporary blindness. 


Polarised sunglasses have become greatly popular because they significantly reduce the reflected glare from flat surfaces.


Injuries Prevention 


Polarised sports sunglasses are designed to meet high-quality standards. They keep you safe from accidental injuries and bleedings so you can enjoy your adventures without fears or worries of getting hurt.


Style Enhancement


Yes, many athletes use sunglasses as a part of their style. No humor. Glasses do make you look cool and enhance your look—a need of the hour for public figures.


How to pick the best polarised sports sunglasses for yourself?


Now, let’s talk about the crux of the matter. If this blog post has piqued your interest till now and you too hate the annoying sun glare like me, you might have decided to shop for a pair of sunnies or more for yourself. 


The job of polarized sports sunglasses is to protect your eyes from the harmful influence of UV rays. But before these glasses can protect you, they must protect themselves.


If your sunnies fall off your nose quickly while pondering over the ocean or taking a U-turn in cycling, there’s no reason you should care about them.


So the best choice would be the sunglasses that fit your nose perfectly well and goes an extra mile in eye protection and glare reduction. 


A great example of such a kind is sports polarised sunglasses by Vackert Boende. With bendy adjustable arms, these sunnies are super flexible to adjust according to your comfort. It is designed with an easy-to-adjust nose pad and high-quality spring hinge so that it can fit any nose size and never fall off your head. You can buy it from Amazon as well.


Being made from strong and lightweight carbon fiber, you can trust its durability and performance. The construction from high-quality polarized material ensures complete freedom from exasperating glare and reduced eye strain.


Last but not least, there’s no compromise on style for comfort. With a splendid mix of aluminum and magnesium fiber, the classic rectangular shape design makes sure that you always rock with your looks.


In Conclusion 


Back in the day, putting on classy shades used to be associated with summertime fun in the sun. But now you know, wearing sunglasses can help limit the progression of the ailment to keep you safe and protected.


According to AAO Advisory, anyone serious about protecting their eyes should wear sunglasses in the spring, winter, and fall. And when it comes to playing sports, you know you can’t miss them.