Focus Motivational towel


FOCUS -Motivational Fitness Suede
Microfibre XL Workout Towels for Gym
Bench.Hood &hanging hook-Goes Over Gym
Bench.Yoga-Pool-Beach-Swim-Super SoftSweat Absorbent-Lightweight-Quick DrySand Free

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Motivational Fitness Suede Microfibre XL
size Workout Towels for Gym
Bench.Hood,hanging hook-hood covers
entire Gym Bench or car seat & wont fall
off.Yoga-Beach-camping- hiking-Super Soft,
sand free, super sweat absorbent. Quick dry
for multiple use.

  1.  # XL size is very compact and easy to
    carry. It folds up super small and takes up
    little space in your workout bag. The
    towel is Sand free and super absorbent.
  2. # Large Hood goes over the bench and
    will not fall off. 150cm x 50cm with 20cm
    hood included. Large enough to cover entire
    gym bench. High quality towel can be air
    dried & reused in a short time. Use the hook
    to keep it off the floor for your protection.
  3.  # Hook your workout towel on the squat
    rack or back of bathroom door to keep it
    clean and off the dirty floor. Super quick dry
    and perfect for wiping off sweat. Super
    Absorbent , holds x 4 times its weight!
  4. # Folds up extra small with multi use hook
    to keep it compact in your bag taking up
    minimal space. Take It to the gym, beach,
    hiking, camping, yoga, pool. This multi use
    towel is your perfect accessory.
  5.  # The super absorbent, soft motivational
    large towel is your perfect gym workout
    towel. Motivational designs to keep you
    focused during your session. Perfect gift for
    both Men & Woman.
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Dimensions 40 × 190 × 100 mm


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