Adult/big kid sensory sheet Queen bed size


Sensory sheet – Sleeping sleeve – alternate or addition to weighted blankets – Comfortable compression bedding – Queen Bed size – Cuddle blanket is light – Stretchy quality bed linen by Vackert Boende

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Size Queen size
Color Navy Blue
Fabric Type 85% Nylon 15% Spandex
Brand Vackert Boende
  • COMFORTABLE AND LIGHT WEIGHT gives the same benefits to a weighted blanket. Its stretchy fabric which is cool, fun unique design will help you or your kids want to go to bed
  • GREAT ALTERNATIVE OR ADDITION TO A WEIGHTED BLANKET and more cost effective. i love to snuggle into this sheet helping feel safe. Easy to get in and out of and will not fall off the bed while you sleep.
  • Vackert Boende SENSORY SHEET, BLANKET, POUCH, SLEEVE, CUDDLE SHEET, bedding is for Adults, kids alike. cuddle sleeve or cuddle sheet can feel secure and safe.
  • Available in Queen size which aids compression, giving grounded feeling. Designed in a Adult or big kid pattern makes it perfect for the big kid. We even as adults could benefit from the feeling this sheet gives. In winter just add a weighted blanket or a regular blanket to keep you warm. its perfect for summer as is.
  • EASY TO PUT ON, QUALITY WOVEN FABRIC is washable. The sleeve or sheet slides over a fitted or bottom sheet on the bed. Fabric is breathable. Can aid falling out of bed as it wraps around the mattress.
Weight 0.88 kg
Dimensions 90 × 240 × 170 mm


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